PREUSSISCH WEISS The inconstancy of furniture

Nicola Jungsberger und Zascho Petkow at Benhadj&Djilali

Exhibition from 11th March - 15th April 2017

ʺIt’s good to be surrounded by things we have a special relationship with. Something to look forward to when we come home. Ideally it’s other people, but pets and objects will also do. Furniture for example is very reliable. You can be sure that it’s waiting for you at home, exactly as you left it.ʺ (Nicola Jungsberger) Is Nicola Jungsberger telling the truth? Maybe things don’t wait for us exactly as we left them. Maybe we can’t even be sure they are furniture. This is where Nicola Jungsberger and Zascho Petkow’s objects enter the picture. Jungsberger makes lamps; Petkow creates tabletops by pressing textile on wood. Their objects are pure white, but they seem to have something organic. They can be used; they serve a purpose. But whilst their purpose is constant, their nature isn’t.

Benhadj&Djilali Galerie presents white designs by Nicola Jungsberger and Zascho Petkow.